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No Fear No Favour

Is Donald Trump going to be the most hated President ever? Twitter thinks so!

Republican Donald Trump has stunned the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, ending eight years of Democratic rule and sending the United States on a new, uncertain path.
Mr Trump had repeatedly slammed his campaign rival as “crooked” during their bruising campaign.
Claiming victory, the president-elect said it was time to “heal the divisions” caused by the campaign and find common ground.
ow did it come to this? Donald Trump, 70, despite running on a campaign of hate and racism, has nearly pulled off winning the 2016 presidential election Nov. 8, closing in on a victory over Hillary Clinton, 68. He managed to get caught on tape bragging that he could “grab women by the p***y” and it didn’t stop him one bit in his march to the White House. No matter what outrageous comment he made, it always seemed to bounce off him. And in the end, running on a platform that included building a border wall and making Mexico pay for it, and threatening to not let Muslims in to America managed to rally enough U.S. voters to his side.

The Twittersphere is now in mourning about how if he officially claims victory, Donald could set back the rights of women and minorities by decades, especially since Republicans held on to control of the House and Senate in the 2016 election.

Some people are so angry they’re vowing to never speak to anyone who voted for Donald, while others are questioning what could happen for LGBT rights, which saw such amazing strides and progress under President Obama. We’ve got a breakdown of the emotional voter reaction to Donald’s likely presidential victory!

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