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No Fear No Favour

Akshay Kumar has “Some Extra Inches” than Salman Shahrukh and Aamir, Twinkle Khanna thinks so!

We all know how witty, hilarious and outspoken Twinkle Khanna is! She is one of those ladies, who doesn’t think while speaking and pours her heart out. Though she is best friends with Karan Johar, she has never appeared on his popular show – Koffee with Karan. At the launch of her first book – Mrs FunnyBones last year, Twinkle even revealed that she had not appeared on KWK till now coz Akshay feared that she would go on the show and she would start with the word – ‘P*nis.’ Akshay even confessed that he lived in fear of what Twinkle says in public, especially on shows like Koffee With Karan. However, looks like dreams (or in this case nightmares) do come true as Twinkle and Akshay will be the next guests on Koffee with Karan season 5.

After a fabulous and hilarious start to the season with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, Karan has got Akshay and Twinkle to be a part of the second episode of the show and I have to tell you, this episode is going to make you ROFL like never before. In the latest promo, we see Twinkle and Karan having a lot of fun, while Akshay is left speechless. During their fun banter, Twinkle reveals that she told Akshay that she would not have a second child with him untill he starts doing sensible films, to which Akshay cries and says, “I cannot tell you what I go through.”

And when Karan throws in a trick question about what Akshay has that the Khans don’t, Twinkle handles it like a boss and says, “Some extra inches.” However, she tells Karan not to look at the actor’s crotch as she was talking about his feet. She then went on to reveal that Karan had always had his mind on other people’s crotches, to which KJo replies, Crotch, crotch hota hai.” Both of them laugh, but Akshay is left speechless once again.

However, her next double meaning joke about the title Karan Johar‘s book on Bollywood will leave you in splits. In fact, it makes her husband go both – speechless and blush at the same time. Well we aren’t giving you more hints, check out the promo for yourself right here:

She is Mrs. Funnybones after all!

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