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The Verdict: Punishment declared in Raja Man Singh murder, 11 policemen including DSP imprisoned.

The Raja Man Singh assassination was debated eight times and 19 judges were also changed. The CBI had imposed FR against Raja for breaking the platform and helicopter. More than 17 hundred dates also arose in the case, while estimates estimated that more than Rs 15 crore was spent to protect the 18 policemen charged in the case. After 35 years, the policemen convicted for murder in this famous case have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Vijay Singh, Girendra Kaur, Krishnendra Kaur Deepa, Dushyant Singh, Gauri Singh, Deepraj Singh were present in the court on behalf of the royal family. Also, the Rajasthan government will give compensation of 30-30 thousand to the families of those killed in the encounter and two thousand to the families of the injured.

The hearing of the Raja Man Singh murder was held in the Jaipur court and then in the district sessions and judges’ court. Regarding the lawsuit that lasted for nearly 35 years, the lawyer for the plaintiff, Narayan Singh Viplvi, said that the CBI had also put a final report against Raja Man Singh in the case after its investigation in the case of breaking the platform and helicopter.

The final report was also found in the policeman who had recovered Tamanchaa (local firing arm) from Babulal, a supporter of Raja Mansingh. After SHO Virendra Singh, the case was investigated by Inspector Kan Singh Sirabi of Crime Branch. After this, the matter was transferred to CBI. The CBI had filed a charge sheet against three policemen including Sirbi for preparing fake documents. But CBI could not prove this in court.

In Ace, three policemen, including Sirbi, were acquitted. Here, the final debate, in this case, went to the debate eight times, but each time the judges changed. So far, 19 judges have changed in this case. While the 20th judge has given his verdict on this. More than 17 hundred dates also arose. Four consecutive days of every 15 days for eight months were also debated in this case. Then this decision has come. According to the lawyer, an estimated fifteen crore rupees have been spent on bringing the accused and convicts from Rajasthan to here.

Raja Maan Singh son in law statement:

“I am an eyewitness to the incident. Raja was in the car with the sahib at the time of the incident. I am left alone. I was the one who reported this incident. I am a litigant and have been a litigant to date. We believed that one day the justice of Raja Saheb will be found and today he has got it. I am Raja Saheb’s younger son-in-law and am very happy with this decision of the court.”


  1. Then CO Deeg Kan Singh Bhati resident Hadda House, Enversar Bikaner.
  2. Then SHO, Dig Virender Singh, resident of Bahor Jat Police Station, Mandawar Alwar.
  3. Then Constable Sukhram resident Bhuda Darwaza Police Deeg, Bharatpur.
  4. Immediate Head Constable RAC E Company 6th Battalion Jeevan Ram resident village Baranekurd Bhopalgarh Jodhpur.
  5. Then Head Constable RAC B Company 6th Battalion Bhanwar Singh Resident Village Chandni Police Station Shankara Jodhpur.
  6. The then Constable RAC E Company 6th Battalion Hari Singh resident Village Dheera Police Station Jodhpur.
  7. Then Constable RAC E Company Sixth Battalion Sher Singh resident village Nimbara police station Surnalia Nagaur.
  8. Then Constable RAC E Company 6th Battalion Chhatar Singh Resident Village Katukala Police Station Shergarh Jodhpur.
  9. Then Constable RAC E Company 6th Battalion Padmaram Resident Sukhmandala Police Station Devu Jodhpur.
  10. The then Constable RAC E Company 6th Battalion Jagmohan resident village Khakawali Police Station Bharatpur.
  11. Inspector / Second SP Office Ravi Shekhar Mishra Resident 44 Sanjay Colony Mehru Nagar Jaipur.

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