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Kanpur – 57 females in Government Child Protection Home found COVID positive, 7 pregnant: Know More

In Uttar Pradesh, a large number of corona infections erupted at the Government Child Protection Home in Kanpur. Corona infection has been confirmed in 57 girls living here.

Not only this, but seven girls from the conservation home were also found pregnant during the Corona investigation, while one confirmed HIV infection. An employee of the Conservation Home has also been found to be corona infected.

DM of Kanpur, Brahmadevaram Tiwari said, “A total of 57 girls have been found to be COVID positive in this conservation home. Seven girls were found pregnant out of which five have COVID infection while two do not have COVID infection. Five girls who are COVID positive are from Agra. , Eta, Kannauj, Firozabad, and Kanpur City who came here with reference to the Child Welfare Committee. All the girls were pregnant before coming here and full information is available with the administration. “

A report of an employee of the Conservation Home has also come up positive but it is not known what caused the infection. The administration was stirred up after the girls became corona infected and some were found pregnant.

Late in the evening, Dr. Sudhir Bobde, Commissioner of Kanpur Division and Dr. Brahmadevaram Tiwari, District Magistrate of Kanpur, gave an explanation in this case that the girls were pregnant before coming here.

However, administrative officials still have no answer to the question of the source of the infection.

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