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Congress hits out on PM Modi for risking national security. Asked why J&K Security is being compromised?

This deadly coronavirus has already caused a lot of mayhem across the world and American President Donald Trump also accused China of testing different viruses in their labs and accused China of spreading coronavirus and using this virus as a biological weapon against the world. In the current scenario, China’s best friend is Pakistan and biggest enemy is India.  Along with this, India has been recently involved in the border conflict with China at Ladakh and Sikkim.  Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera accused BJP that in such perilous circumstances, a Chinese government-controlled organization Dongfang, which had been involved in dubious and unethical practices; was given a government contract through back door to carry out the operation the sensitive areas Jammu&Kashmir.

Congress raised following allegations on Modi government:

Chinese PSU Dongfang has been blacklisted by World Bank due to its unethical practices in various Countries and still, this Chinese Government controlled entered from the back door after the Government of India’s body sanctioned and allowed them to work in J&K. Does it raise serious questions on the government of India?

Chinese conglomerate shares close proximity and relationship with the Pakistan government.

Former Pakistan PM Raja Parvej Ashraf was jailed for giving unconditional favors to Dongfang.

Chinese government-controlled Dongfang is the favorite international organization of the current PM of Pakistan Imran Khan to work with.

Australia has been continuously accusing China of cyber-attacks.

As per the sources Dongfang reports to the Chinese military.

Dongfang’s IoT connected communication smart meter can blackout the entire valley of J&K.

Dongfang looks after the communication of the Chinese army as well and it reports directly to Chinese army officials.

Dongfang and Huawei are closely interconnected and America along with various other countries has declared Huawei as a cyber-threat to their nation.

Sitting in Islamabad or Beijing, the organization can keep a track of real-time in activities in J&K.

Yang Hengkun, Board Chairman and General Manager, Dongfang Electronics Corporation Limited was found saying during 2014 Huawei Electric Power Industry Summit that “We are currently into the second generation of power supply and power distribution i.e. grids and computers or IT is the 3rd generation where everything will be controlled and commanded via computers from a single place.” This interview was conducted six-years back in 2014 there has been a lot of technological advancement in past one decade. Also, Hengkun was found quoting that Dongfang and Huawei are working closely in developing technology-driven smart meters for power supply and distribution.

Dongfang and Huawei have been working closely in power projects in so many countries including India, Africa, Pakistan, South America, etc. We provide them IT platforms; we provide them with power applications on IT platforms. We started our partnership because we needed it for global technology development and cloud data storage of electricity worldwide.

On 30th June 2020, the US Federal Communications Commission announced on Tuesday its final decision to classify Huawei and ZTE as national security threats. The official designation came from the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. It means the commission’s $8.3 billion a year universal service fund can’t be used to purchase or maintain equipment from the two Chinese tech giants, in a bid to provide security protection for US communications networks.

 Dongfang Electronics was given a contract of installing a communication network for 2 lakh smart meters in Srinagar and Jammu. In the era of ‘Digital Warfare’ involving an enemy country in national operation is a threat to national security. As with the help of Dongfang organization Pakistan and China sitting in the Islamabad and Beijing can black out the lights of the whole Jammu and Kashmir valley making it easier for Pakistan to enter and defeat our soldiers, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said during the press conference.

With an extensively strong network in the Indian market and heating Indo-China border issue, India can expect a cyber-war from the Chinese side. Recently, the Indian government moved simultaneously on the telecoms sector, demanding higher security standards in an area dominated by Chinese makers of equipment and smartphones.

Dongfang shares close proximity and relationship with Pakistan. Dongfeng is the same organization that build a 425 MW hydropower plant under the Nandipur power project. The later Supreme court of Pakistan took this matter into consideration and found ghost payment of Rs35 billion in this deal and accused Pakistan former Prime Minister Raja Parvej Ashraf of taking bribe of Rs22 billion from Dongfeng. He was also jailed in the same matter, Khera said while addressing the presser.

Dongfang is the same Chinese government body that was involved in the multi-year bribery conspiracy in the United States, in which charges have been framed against the six American officials for getting involved in the conspiracy and taking bribe from Dongfang. As per the sources, the organization directly reports to the Chinese military.

During September 2019, the Australian Cyber Security agency accused China of the cyber-attack on its parliament.

China also referred to as the Sleeping Giant or the Middle Kingdom has always been triggered for supplying cheap and below standard equipment with a data-stealing setup.

Why Chinese government-controlled Dongfangf is a setback for India in the coming future?

The giant space of Chinese goods and services in the international market is a new threat to the world, specifically IT goods and IOT services. This is to be claimed that China has been stealing people’s data to create a structured analysis of human behavior and understand the need of the world in advance. China with the help of artificial intelligence is trying to possess personal information of users across the world and Chinese tech giant Huawei is playing a key role in this conspiracy.

China is also involved in fraudulent practices and its best example is Pakistan’s Nandipur Power Project where TI Pakistan gave an unconditional favor to China-based Dongfrang Power Corporation, to begin with, the work. No tenders were organized before giving this contract to Dongfrank Power Corporation.

Watch Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera Press briefing on Dongfang:

In its letter addressed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Water and Power, TI Pakistan said the Ministry of Water and Power awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract to Dongfang Electric Corporation, without inviting tenders, in violation of Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules.

Huawei which is the sole technology provider of Dongfang has been banned by the US due to its unethical and dubious behavior. Lawmakers and intelligence officials have claimed the telecommunications giant could be exploited by the Chinese government for espionage, presenting a potentially grave national security risk, especially as the US builds out its next-generation 5G network. To meet that threat, officials say, they’ve blocked government use of the company’s equipment, while the Justice Department has also accused Huawei’s chief financial officer of violating sanctions against Iran, and the company itself of stealing trade secrets.

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