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A rapist first killed the father and then raped his 18-year old daughter

A 45-year man was hacked to death and then his 18-year old daughter was raped in Sivasnagar district of Assam. Soon after this incident came into the light of villagers. They informed the Police. According to additional SP of Assam, Bolin Deori, the victim was a small farmer who lived in the middle of his paddy field away from the villagers. Deori told that living far from the villagers was the drawback of this family.

Rapist took advantage of this situation and entered their house in the late night. The accused first cut the power supply of the farmer’s house and then he along with three friends entered the house. First, they killed the 45-year old man with an ax and then they raped his daughter. After raping her, the accused hit her hard on the head with a bamboo stick. Additional Superintendent of Police said that every information is based on the statement given by the rape-Victim. The Prime suspect has been identified as Dadu Hussain (32) belongs to the same village and sells fish for living.

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