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Intolerant India gets ready to #BoycottDangal

As far as it can be legitimate, the national food of India should be a “chewing gum”. People in India never fail to exhibit their hypocrisy every now and then exaggerating what they can and creating issues that are nevertheless, worthless.

Yet again, when we thought that Aamir Khan and his “alleged” intolerance remark was done with all the news making. Here comes another episode.

Just after the release of the poster of his new flick “Dangal” the countrymen have fallen too much for the name and the made the country so.

All that was seen after the poster release was its boycott. Twitter was flodded with #BoycottDangal tags. The very “tolerant” people are setting the propaganda of boycotting Dangal. And not only that, there’s a website signing petitions to boycott Aamir Khan himself. The website’s named

Now, the question here is pretty simple. Do we live in a country where a remark creates such an outburst? Well, such response can be the reason of those remarks on the first place.

The public is all stirred up amidst hypocrisy and politics and the blending of such dangerous elements is lethal. Is boycotting really a remedy?

Well, sure enough Dangal won’t need much promotions as the platform for that is well set as of now. But there’s a thought that’s necessary to be spent on the growing insanity of the mob.

If boycotting was really an answer, no one would have fought battles or attended conferences. It’s about time we understood what’s right and what’s not.

Let’s channel the powers of socialization in a positive way, else the chasms are unfathomable to fall in.

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