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No Fear No Favour

YouTuber earns millions of views for ‘Fake Tiger Prank’ on animals.

By Ishank Katyal

A Thailand based YouTuber has earned a huge fan following after posting the videos on YouTube in which he is shown pranking with street animals by putting a stuffed tiger toy with them and capturing their reaction to it. The videos have made millions of views on each video.

In these videos, animals get scared by the stuff toy of the wild animal thinking that they are the real ones. In reaction, they either jump or run away quickly from the stuff toy. In some videos, dogs even fought back and barked furiously on the animal stuffed toy. The YouTuber even apologises to the animals by feeding them.

These prank videos have been uploaded on the YouTube Channel named ‘Angel Naga’. From jumping up, spooked to fighting back, such reactions of the animals are shown in this YouTube video.

The video has gone viral on YouTube and has been widely circulated on the other social media platforms as well, collecting hundreds and thousands of views.

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