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World Photography Day – Know-how photography brought a revolution in the way people perceive emotions!

By Line: Kavya Madaan

Photographs are the memories that we store in our phones and get happy after seeing them. They are the things that help us live that moment again. Out heart is thrilled by all the beautiful moments that happened at that time…

People go on vacations, parties and other events and never forget to take their photographs as they know these are the beautiful moments that need to be captured. In today’s time, people are very much indulged in their smartphones, and capturing photos and making videos is something that has become very trendy.

Today is the world photography day when people celebrate art and their passion, people love to click photographs and do photography of different things. People have a passion to become photographers because they love the camera.

Now the big events like weddings, parties are all alone without photographers. The people specially hire photographers to capture their memories…

 There is a photographer hidden in each of us, if you don’t believe just have a look on your Instagram profile with all the good backgrounds, pouty selfies…

The first war photographer:

Although originally known for his architecture and landscape photography, Roger Fenton rose to fame in England when he was dispatched to cover the Crimean War in 1855, therefore becoming the world’s first war photographer. Although Fenton was unable to capture moving subjects due to the limitations of photographic equipment at the time, he was able to photograph portraits and landscape shots. During his time at war, Fenton chose not to photograph dead or injured soldiers. These records also never managed to capture “battles, explosions, devastations, wounds, blood and tears”, partly because of official wish to glamorize the war and shift public attention away from government and military mismanagement. Unfortunately, as soon as the Crimean War was over, public interest in Fenton’s photography seemed to die, with the photographer choosing to leave photography altogether in 1862. Today, however, Fenton isn’t just credited by historians as the world’s first professional war photographer, but his keen artistic eye and influential role in establishing photography as an artistic endeavor is also celebrated.

Now people spend so much money on their cameras like DSLR.

Now many photography institutes have also been opened to teach students about photography, Like the DCOP institute…

Kodak was the first one to introduce us to a good camera.

Now our cellphones are also so advanced that they have the best cameras and people love to take selfies as well..

Now everyone has an obsession with cameras and love to take pictures where ever they go, some people love to take pictures of landscapes, nature and some try to capture them but whatever it is, a picture has the power to bring back many beautiful memories…❤️

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