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No Fear No Favour

What a typical day looks like in the life of Vogue’s Editor in Chief

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

Anna Wantour is a name that needs no introduction. Editor in Chief of Vogue makes the most of her day to successfully run her empire.

Starting the day as early as 4 AM and she starts her mornings with newspapers to know what is happening around the world. After that she plays tennis and after that get some breakfast. She believes in effective time management and does not waste even a second. Anna personally prefers small meetings to save time.

During her office timings she begins meetings with fashion editors and take a look at the pictures of recent shoots, work on upcoming shoots. After noon, she prefers lunch with designers and some more meetings. At about 5 Anna heads back home and she takes her homework along with her, which she calls ‘magic box of tricks’ and cross checks her work, upcoming projects and much more.

Now we know all the reasons she is always on the top and the leading lady in fashion. And that’s a casual day in her life guys.

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