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No Fear No Favour

UP government’s new COVID19 guidelines have some major concerns to adhere to.

UP Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari in a letter to all district magistrates has released the new COVID guidelines for Uttar Pradesh. Below is the pointwise description:

  1. Any society that has a single Covid positive will be called the center of the containment zone. Starting from the center to a 25-meter radius will be called the containment zone.
  2. If more than one COVID positive case is found in a society then starting from the center to 50-meters of the radius will be called the containment zone.
  3. 20 houses will be taken in a 25-meter radius and 60 houses will be taken in a 50-meter radius as a containment zone. This calculation applies to cities and towns where residential setup is congested. It is not applicable to villages and residential areas where houses are built in distant places.
  4. In a multi-story building, if a single case is found then the floor where the case is found will be marked as a containment zone, and if more than one case is found in the whole tower will be marked as a containment zone.
  5. The invigilating team will consist of a representative from the District Health Department, Local Body/Village Development/Panchayati Raaj, and Local Administration. They will maintain the daily report of their assigned areas and will report immediately if any case is found.
  6. The invigilating team will visit door to door and aware of the families about COVID precaution and symptoms. They will make a separate list of people having symptoms of cold, fever, cough, or neck pain and will duly cross-check their health status.
  7. Every five teams in a district will have a supervisor, teams will submit their reports every day to the supervisor, the supervisor will submit the report to District Surveillance Officer (DSO), and CSO will submit the reports to District Headquarters.

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