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There is no stopping of COVID19, death toll crosses 126k mark: Read full report

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There is no stopping of COVID19, death toll crosses 126k mark: Read full report

COVID19 pandemic has crossed over 2 million (20,00,043 cases worldwide and has caused approximately 126,758 deaths till now. 484,747 people have been recovered and more than approximately 1.4 million people are still quarantined.

This pandemic disease has adversely affected top economies in the world like America (USA), Spain, Itlay, Britain, Germany, France, China, Iran, and Turkey.

The above-mentioned countries have 614,246, 174,060, 162,488, 93,873, 132,210, 143,303, 82,295, 74,877, and 65,111 COVID19 positive cases respectively. The USA has recorded the highest no. of death till now i.e. 26,064 then Itlay 21,067 then Spain 18,255 then France 15,729 then UK 12,107 then Iran 4,683 then Belgium 4,157 then Germany 3,495 then China 3,342 then Netherlands 2,945, then Brazil 1,552 then Turkey 1,403 and then Switzerland 1,174. These the countries with 4 digit death counts other countries have death count under 1,000.

Among the other nation, India is fighting COVID19 in a praiseworthy way till now there has been only 11,555 COVID19 positive cases with a death count of 396 and 1,362 recovered patients. Indian COVID19 positive stats is very low as compared to the USA, Sapin, Itlay, Britain, and Germany. India’s total COVID19 positive case is less than the total number of death in the above-mentioned countries. The Indian government, government employees, and Doctors are doing a remarkable job otherwise for the developing nation like India with a population of more than 1.3 billion it was impossible to control the spread of pandemic coronavirus.

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