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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are Reportedly Dating After Months of Rumor – Read the Scoop

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Love is in the air! The year 2020 might be a year unlike any other ,but no matter the cant of the ever-shifting reality, one thing that remains the same is that the love season continues to blossom.

On Monday Page Six reported that Singer Rihanna is allegedly no longer single and she is dating a long time friend and one – time opener ASAP Rocky after the singer was seen having dinner with him at the Beatrice Inn in New York City over the holiday weekend.

The rumors of Rihanna dating ASAP Rocky began percolating as soon as reports of a breakup between Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel surfaced in January.

The rumored couple was already embarking on a bit of promotional tour for her Fenty Skin together the following month, appearing in a two-part video series for Vogue and GQ. Their chemistry seemed to suggest that there could be more to their partnership.

Back in August Rihanna fans noticed their flirtation during a video interview for GQ featuring the two artists, RiRi and A$AP answered questions such as what they first notice in people to how they take care of their skin.

“My skin type is just as complicated as men are,” Rihanna jokingly said when A$AP Rocky asked about her skin type for Vogue. “Y’all always try to say women are complicated [but] it’s y’all!”

When Rihanna asked the rapper what his skin is like, he answered: “Handsome.”

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna have been friends for a while now. The rapper served as an opening act for the US dates of her Diamond World Tour in 2013. ASAP Rocky was also featured on her track “Cockiness”

The duo was also seen attending a Louis Vuitton fashion show back in Paris back in 2018.

The rapper ASAP had previously dated celebrities such as Kendall Jenner in 2017 and Brazilian model Daiane Sodre last year.

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