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Byline by- Vinayak Heliwal

United States’s incumbent President Donald Trump just lost the crucial 2020 Presidential Election to Democratic challenger Joe Biden in one of the most-watched election races in the history of the country. But if reports are to believed then Trump may be set to lose much more than his seat in the White House in the aftermath of the elections

According to claims by former Trump administration aides, Melania Trump is ‘counting the minutes until he is out of the office and she can divorce him’

According to a report published by the Daily Mail UK, while Joe Biden headed for Delaware to give his Victory speech, incumbent First Lady Melania Trump was allegedly said to be waiting for the Republican candidate Trump to concede his defeat to Biden and finally leave the White House in January before she can end her 15-year-long marriage with the businessman and Republican incumbent.

The revelation was made by Trump’s former aide who was quoted by Daily Mail as saying,” Melania is counting every minute until he is out of the office and she can divorce.” Calling their relationship a “transactional marriage, the report noted that not all was well between the Trump’s.

Meanwhile, another ex-aide Stephanie Wolkoff, who was the senior advisor to Melania claimed that their 15-year marriage was only ‘transactional’. Wolkoff further claimed that the couple was negotiating on a postnuptial agreement that gives their son Barron an equal share of the Trump wealth.

Known to be a doting mother, Melania Trump is said to have waited five Months after Trump moved into the White House before she moved to Washington from New York. According to reports at the time, she delayed her arrival at the White House so that Baron could finish his schooling.

Melania Trump who has always stood by her husband and lauded him in public speeches was missed during Trump’s election campaign from which she remained largely absent in the final run-up to the elections.

Often dubbed as the ‘unlikely FLOTUS, rumors have often surrounded the reclusive Melania Trump who manages to conceal her private life very well despite round – the -clock media scrutiny since 2016 when her husband Trump became the 45th US President. The media have always suggested trouble in paradise for the incumbent first couple.

Melania Trump is speculated to have signed a pre-nuptial agreement with Trump in which allegedly forbids her from giving critical interviews about Trump or publishing books containing details of the 45th US President. Trump is said to have made his second wife Marla Maples sign a similar agreement.

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