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Nature’s most beautiful miracle: 3-year-old found safe in her dead parent’s arms

“Miracles happen to those only who believe in them” This quote turned out to be true for this 3-year-old innocent who was disastrously hit by a tragedy. The girl survived one of the deadliest accidents that could ever happen and still was found safe. In her parent’s arms! The scenario was as beautiful as sad it was. The girl lost her parents in an accident at a very tender age of 3 years but still just because of her parents she was alive. The girl was reborn again.

A 3-year-old Chinese girl has miraculously survived a deadly building collapse, thanks to the protection offered by her parents, who were found dead by the rescuers 15 hours after the incident.

Wu Ningxi was found deep in the debris of a four six-storey residential building in eastern coastal Zhejiang Province, state-media reported today.

She survived with only minor injuries thanks to the protection offered by her parents, who were found dead after shielding her from falling rubble, the report said.

At least 22 people were killed when four residential buildings collapsed yesterday.

Firefighters found the girl and her dead parents under the rubble after 15 hours of rescue work on the outskirts of the city of Wenzhou.

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