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No Fear No Favour


By Shivangi Chawla

Mumbai will soon have improved domestic air connectivity with the state government agreeing to increase daily flights by 50 %. Currently,100 daily domestic arrivals and as many departures are allowed allowed from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport . This number is being increased by 150 daily domestic arrivals and as many departures from this month – taking the numbers of 200 domestic arrival cum departures to 300 , say people in the know .

Airlines have been allowed to add flights to and and from Mumbai whenever they can . The increase should kick in from early next week . Similarly , Chennai – which currently allows 50 daily domestic departures and as many arrivals is doubling in these numbers. Once these restrictions are relaxed , there is going to be a significant increase in domestic air travel base, said senior airline and airport officials.
This extended weekend recorded healthy traveler numbers. While October 2 saw 1,76,601 domestic passengers – the highest daily number since scheduled fights resumed on May 25 with 30,000 people flying within the country on Day one. If the pandemic spread remains under control and states don’t re-impose restrictions, the aviation ministry expects domestic air travel to return to the pre-covid level of over 3 lakh daily passengers between Diwali and the year end .

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