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Marijuana becomes legal in Asia, But you still can’t smoke a joint in public

Edited By: Aashish Vashistha

June 10, 2022 (New Delhi): After announcing its plans for giving out 1 million cannabis plants to households in the country for free, Thailand declared on Thursday that it will make the trading and growing of Marijuana legal in the country. But, Wait! Don’t get any wrong ideas. Before you start planning your next holiday in the island nation, The Thai Government made it eloquently clear that smoking to get high still calls for a punishment which includes imprisonment and a fine of up to 800$.

You will be surprised to know the real reason behind this move. Thailand’s Health Minister expressed his views on this matter and said that his action has been taken to improve the economic condition of the county. Thus, medicinal use of the plant has been allowed along with permissible limited use in beverage and the food industry. So people who were expecting wonderful vacations in the Elephant country are left with utter surprise after the minister drops a bombshell.

 The Health Minister also said, “There has never once been a moment that we would think about advocating people to use cannabis in terms of recreation — or use it in a way that it could irritate others.” The minister expects this decision to imply a significant boost to the agriculture sector. “We expect the value of the industry to easily exceed $2 billion dollars”. This step is receiving all kinds of responses, On one edge some people are condemning this move while others are in favor. We too wish Thailand all the best and hope that marijuana takes its economy to new heights and not its people.

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