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Justice prevailed through the improper channel, all four accused in veterinarian doctor rape case shot dead

V. C. Sajjanar (In the photo with a gun)

All four accused in the rape-and-murder case of a 25-year-old woman veterinarian near here last month were killed in an exchange of fire with police on Friday morning, police said.

  • All four men accused in the gang rape and murder of a young veterinarian in Telangana have been killed in an encounter. The accused, identified as Mohammed Arif, Naveen, Shiva, and Chennakeshavulu were killed in police firing at Chatanpally, Shadnagar today in the wee hours, between 3 and 6 am. I have reached the spot and further details will be revealed,” said Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar.
  • After all four men accused in the rape and murder of a young vet in Hyderabad were killed in an encounter, people have taken to the streets in celebration, hailing the cops for delivering justice in the case. In fresh visuals, people can be seen cheering as they triumphantly lift cops on their shoulders and parade around.
  • Father of the 26-year-old woman veterinarian responded to the killings of the accused in a police encounter, expressing his gratitude towards the Telangana government. “This is not justice…our daughter is lost to us forever. But, this is a relief,” he says. “Police had told us they will take immediate action. And they did.”
  • Rekha Sharma, the chairperson of the National Commission for Women, expresses her happiness over the police encounter that killed the four accused. “As a common citizen, I am feeling happy that this was the end we all wanted for them. But this end was supposed to be through the legal system. It should have happened through proper channels,” she says. “We always demanded the death penalty for them, and here the police are the best judge, I don’t know in what circumstances this happened.” 
  • Reacting to the killings of the accused in the Hyderabad rape and murder case in a police encounter, BSP chief Mayawati says that she wishes the police had done a better job in the Nirbhaya case as well. “Rape cases are reported from across the country, especially from UP. I feel we should take strong action like this. Here, we see that rape-accused are being treated as guests and not criminals. I hope the attitude changes for the better.”
  • Karti Chidambaram, son of former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram, says that “encounter” killings are a blot to the system. “While I understand the urge for instant justice, this is not the way,” he writes, adding that heinous crimes like rape must be dealt with “strictly under the provisions of law”.
  • “I am very happy and want to congratulate the Hyderabad police for taking this action. Justice has been served. Things will change after today,” Nirbhaya’s mother said in a statement.

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