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It’s love in the air for Selena!

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

American actress and musician Selena Gomez is rumored to be seeing NBA Miami Heat athlete Jimmy Butler. The player has also previously played for Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers. The pair were spotted together during a dinner date at a French restaurant in New York.

According to a reference, both of them have gone on a few casual dates and are still figuring out each other, apart from that they are having a genuine time and the news is spreading like wildfire!

Selena who reportedly has been not so fortunate in her love life so far is just exploring and is not looking for something serious. On the other hand, Jimmy, a professional basketball player has a daughter with Kaitlin Nowak and it is still not confirmed about their terms. However, Kaitlin unfollowed Selena after this rumor got circulated on social media.

Both of them appear to be enjoying each other’s fellowship and the fans are equally excited. There are no photos or videos or any such evidence of them hanging out till now and both of them had chosen to stay silent. As one of the fans tweeted asking them to reveal their status and don’t feel shy. While some of the followers had mixed feelings about this whole thing.

Selena will next be seen in the Hulu comedy ‘Only Murders in the Buildings’ with Martin Short and Steve Martin.

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