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No Fear No Favour

Is self-care only limited to skin care? Let’s discuss!

Byline by- Aaliya Sultana

For our Lifestyle segment, we previously talked about how looking after your skin will thank you post-pandemic. While talking about skin-care is a much trendy topic often, our youth also wonders that is skin care equal to self care? or self care is limited to skin-care only.

While skin-care often helps you boost your relationship with your skin, self-care does the same but the only difference is that self-care will develop a relationship with yourself. Self care basically comes in different segments.

It can be sensory, emotional, physical, social, and spiritually. Sensory can involve activities like walking, going to a spa! Emotional can be like getting in touch with your emotions! accepting how you feel. physical can be like eating healthy, working out, social will lead you to have conversations which are fruitful and finally spiritually you can follow affirmations!

So, self-care is not equal to skin-care only. Self-care is like an umbrella of different spectrums! Do not be afraid to try some of self-care tips because eventually, one will find what actually suits them. Especially, in the pandemic! It’s better to infuse the both.

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