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No Fear No Favour


By Shivangi Chawla

Coronavirus has now become a part of our lives . Untill and unless we get any vaccine to stop getting affected by corona virus we have to protect ourself from this deadly virus on our own . WHO ( World Health Organisation ) had provided a number of health safety measures for everyone. According to the Public health experts , wearing masks is a key to reduce the spread of covid-19 . Many of us has made it a habit to wear mask before stepping out of home or before meeting someone outside home, but still there are some people who don’t value the need of wearing masks to protect one another from corona virus . If any one of us break the rule and roam without masks on roads and in social gatherings than its going to affect everyone. Have you ever tried to ask someone to put on masks without making them offended . Their are some people who may feel shameful and get violent when we ask them to put on their mask . Asking a stranger to put on a mask could still result in violatile situation. Many people ask the experts to tell how can they make them persuade the rules politely ? Experts say you should make the request discreetly because shaming the person could put them on the defensive. If they feel violated by the way you approach them, they are much less likely to make a change, said Jan Kavookjian, a behavioral scientist at Auburn University. She said citing local rules or recommendations from health officials could also help in some cases. “Someone feels less threatened when you say, ‘Here’s what the experts say’,” Kavookjian said.

Rather than risk a confrontation, experts say it might be best to steer clear of people without masks in public if you can.

And if you’re in a store or restaurant, it’s best to have a manager or someone in charge ask the person, said Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert.

If you do find yourself interacting with someone who is not wearing a mask, Gottsman suggests saying something like, “For your safety and mine, I would feel much more comfortable if we were both wearing masks.”

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