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Ganges River Dolphins spotted in Meerut. Internet is in love with viral video

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the lockdown has been implemented in many countries in order to control the spread of the new virus.

While people have been isolating themselves and staying at home, animals have taken over the streets and are returning to their habitats. Social media is filled with such wonderful videos of animals.

One such clip, of Ganges River Dolphin, a freshwater dolphin breed which is endangered, enjoying in the Ganges in Meerut is going viral online.

The clip was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Akash Deep Badhawan on Twitter. It was captured by him and shows a pair of dolphins enjoying a swim in the Ganges. Badhawan, however, did not mention if the video was shot by him recently.

He shared the clip with the caption, “Ganges River Dolphin, our National Aquatic Animal, once lived in the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna river system, is now endangered. They live in freshwater and are practically blind, with small slits as eyes. Was fortunate to spot these in the Ganges in Meerut.”

“Officially discovered in 1801, these creatures are practically blind, with small slits for eyes. They hunt using ultrasonic sounds to track other fishes in the vicinity. Usually solo, sometimes they are found in small groups, especially Mother and calf,” he added.

Badhawan also said, “Their habitat is largely tracts of Ganges where fish is aplenty and water currents are slow.” He added, “Here dense human population has lead (sic) to fishermen catching them along with fish and become ‘bycatch’. However they are still hunted at times for their meat and oil by few!”

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