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Destiny changes: Prateek Kuhad song ‘Cold Mess’ is in Obama’s favorite song list: Know More

In December last year, Prateek Kuhar was sitting at his house in New Delhi when suddenly his phone was bombarded with hundreds of messages. “Have you seen this, this is a big thing.” Singer Prateek Kuhar says, “I couldn’t understand what he was talking about.” But after a while, he realized that one of his songs ‘Cold Mess’ has also been included in the list of favorite songs of former US President Barack Obama.

The song which did not even appear in the chartbeats of America but it came in the list of 35 favorite songs of Obama. The list also includes songs by Bruce Springsine, Dabbee, Lizzo and Beyoncé.

Kuhar says that he does not know exactly how this song reached Barack Obama but it gave him a lot of boost in his career.

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He says, “It was very strange.” All this happened suddenly. ” Prateek is Indian but released in 2016, his song is different from the sizzling Bollywood songs. It is in the English language and is composed of very quiet music. This is the story of two lovers who have a conflict in their relationship but they are also not getting separated.

Prateik Kuhar sang it four years ago at a concert which people liked very much. He says, “In the show where no one had heard that song before, I got a tremendous response about it. Then I understood that this song is going to be special. Inspired by this, he made a short album of six more songs. All these songs were made around the same relationship.

Even before Obama’s favorite songs, this song was well liked in India, which was a surprise for many people. Prateek Kuhar says, “It is a common belief in India that to be successful here, it is important to be a Hindi singer. With English songs, you can only reach a small section in Delhi and Mumbai, but cold mess has broken this notion. ”

At the end of last year, Prateek Kuhar sang this song in front of nine thousand viewers in Delhi’s Garden of Five Senses.

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