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“Delhi High court backed up on UCC”

Delhi High court on Friday came up with an amusing need of uniform civil code. It asked central government to take necessary steps to enlighten this new article.

According to court “There is the need for a code, common to all in the country noting that the modern Indian society gradually becoming HOMOGENEOUS.”

It shall result the end to traditional barriers of religion community and caste dispute.

Uniform civil code generally provide ONE LAW for entire country. Its application is made available to all religious communities in their personal matter include marriage, divorce, and inheritance and adoption dispute.

Article 44 is expected to enable uniform principle and make law existing. This would not only help religious communities, but also reduce conflicts and contradiction within society and provide tribute to social causes. Difference in personal laws arises disagreement, survival of such law will provide a similar ground for discussion over basic topics and provide communal harmony.

Justice Pratibha M. Singh in today’s judgement States – “The youth of India belonging to various communities, tribes, castes, or religion who solemnise their marriages ought not to be forced to struggle with issues arising due to conflicts in various personal laws.” Courts are repeatedly confronted with such issues that arise disturbance in providing true accurate judgement over such contrasting subject.

Reference to several decisions of the Supreme Court need of uniform civil code was provided by outrageous historical case of SHAH BANO (1985). Court said – “the hope expressed in Article 44 of the constitution that the state shall secure for its citizens uniform civil code ought not to remain a mere hope. “It would help the cause of national integration by removing disparate loyalties to having conflicting free nation.

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