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Ben Affleck considers shooting Justice League was an awful experience; here’s why

Ben Affleck will be turning 50 this year. And as he is some eight months away from his birthday, the actor has spoken up about how he has stopped worrying about what people think of him. Not just that, but Affleck also went on to say in an interview as to why he considers ‘Justice League’ as the “worst experience ever”.

Ben Affleck has an exceptional career that includes movies. He also returned as Batman in the 2016 film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and then in 2017’s ‘Justice League’. While the DC lovers may continue to shower their love for Affleck in these two films, especially ‘Justice League’, the actor says that it (Justice League) was the worst experience for him.

Calling ‘Justice League’ a ‘nadir’, Ben Affleck said that the movie was a plain bad experience for him. It was so because of several things that were happening in his life at that point in time. Affleck said that apart from his own life’s mess and his divorce (with Jennifer Garner), what also had a major impact was the film’s director, Zack Snyder’s daughter committing suicide in 2017 and the reshooting of the film.

It was the confluence of all these things that made ‘Justice League’ the wort and an awful experience for Ben Affleck. He said that it all came down to a moment wher/e he told himself that he cannot do it anymore.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Ben Affleck has co-starred in ‘The Tender Bar’ directed by George Clooney. In this film, Affleck plays the role of a bartender who plays a father figure.

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