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290 Dead, 500 Injured in a serial bomb blast in Sri Lanka: Learn More

A concatenation bomb blast in Sri Lanka has lead to killing of 290 people and injuries to 500 people. The radical group which bombarded one after the other continuous 8 bomb blast is yet to be recognised. Sri Lankan Police has arrested 13 people in possession with the deadliest ever bomb blast happened to Sri Lanka. Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene described the coordinated blasts as a terrorist attack by religious extremists.

Three churches were targeted on Sunday morning out of which one church is based in capital Columbo and other two are based in cities of Negombo and Batticaloa. More than dozens of foreigner had been killed in these deadliest attacks. Four hotels in Colombo were also attacked: the Shangri-La, the Cinnamon Grand, the Tropical Inn and the Kingsbury. There was another explosion at a housing complex in Dematagoda.

The major bomb blast carried out in Sri Lanka is the deadliest during the last one decade. Before this the massive massacre took place during the civil war which lasted for more than 25 years between Sinhala Buddhist majority and minority Tamil Tiger ethnic group in which more 1,00,000 people lost their lives. This major bomb blast was carried out targeting the members of Sri Lanka’s Christian population and guests at the island nation’s luxury hotels.

The Sri Lankan government has blocked all the social networking sites like Facebook, What’s App, Twitter and Instagram to stop the passage of misinformation among its people and other countries.

Japan foreign minister Taro Kono  has confirmed the killing of their 1 citizen and injuries to 4 citizens during the massive bomb blast. Kono offered his condolences to all the victims of the attacks and expressed Japan’s commitment in “combating terrorism” and solidarity with Sri Lanka.

The Eiffel Tower dimmed its lights to honour victims of Sri Lanka bombings that have left more than 200 more people dead.

The four #Indians have been identified as P.S. Raseena, Lakshmi, Narayan Chandrashekhar & Ramesh died.

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