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No Fear No Favour

Instead of soldiers, India and Pakistan now using hackers to fight with each other?

With increasing ceasefire violations along the Line of Control, tensions are high between India and Pakistan and there is talk of war in the air.

Amidst all the crossfire and commotion, hackers from both countries have resorted to cyber attacks.

Is this digital war a sign of things to come?

S. Amar Prasad Reddy, the Additional Director-General of the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards, said that the organization had hacked into Pakistan’s critical infrastructure systems.

He said that the organization’s team had access to Pakistan’s defence infrastructure as well as all websites.

He added that the team would destroy the aforementioned infrastructure systems if they received a go-ahead from the Indian government.

“If necessary, we can damage their [Pakistan’s] digital asset. We have penetrated into their defence infrastructure. If we get the go-ahead from the government, we can do it. We are ready,” said Mr. Reddy.

A group of Pakistani hackers called Haxors Crew hacked into 7,070 Indian websites, and released a list stating the names of the websites hacked.

However, cyber security specialists claimed that the hackers were rookies and couldn’t write their own code.

Although most of the hacked websites are non-government websites, the attack shows the vulnerability of Indian websites to such threats.

“They are not even proper hackers. They are what we call script kiddies, people who use existing computer scripts to hack into computers as they lack the expertise to write their own,” said Mirza FaizanAsad, the legal head of Global Cyber Security Response Team.

The website of the National Green Tribunal was allegedly hacked by Pakistani hackers.
The NGT’s website came under attack by the “D4RK 4NG31” group, a week after the surgical strike across the LoC with hackers posting profanities, claiming it was an act of “revenge.”
The hackers also struck the website of the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean studies (KUFOS) the next day.

In a post riddled with profanities, the group said “We are Unbeatable. You kill innocent people in Kashmir and call your self defenders of your country. You violate the ceasefire on border and call it ‘Surgical Strikes’. Now kiss the burn of Cyber War.”

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