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Inspiring! Mumbai man scales 13,500 ft mountain despite losing hand to cancer

You should never lose hope even in adverse situations and Rachit Kulshreshtha from Mumbai is the living proof of it!
In a post of community page on Facebook Humans of Bombay, Kulshreshtha said that he lost his right arm to cancer at the age of six but that incident didn’t stop him from leading the life he always dreamed of.

Kulshreshtha revealed that his initial years were difficult as other children used to make fun of him and how he never used to get opportunities which other children at his age could get but that changed as he started growing up. He says, “As I grew up, I began to accept my situation and would often joke about my ‘missing limb’. I was also very determined as a child.

An ardent football fan, on the page of Humans of Bombay, he says, “I was always a huge fan of football, so I would train really hard to be a goalkeeper and all that training paid off — I was selected to play at the Inter-school level. The first match of that tournament was an unforgettable one for me. When the coach of the opposite team realised that I was the goalkeeper, he declared that his team would win by ‘at least 6 goals!’ but I didn’t let that bother me.”

“In 2014, my cancer resurfaced in another form, but I beat it for the second time. Or like I usually say — ‘my invisible hand is always showing the invisible finger to cancer!’ Jokes apart, these things happen in life — it’s how you deal with it. I prefer to take it with a pinch of salt and move on and I wish people would do the same and stop being sympathetic towards me — I’m not disabled, I’m differently-abled! People need to understand that being sympathetic makes it worse — I mean look at me! I play cricket, chess, table tennis and I’ve climbed a mountain, 13,500 feet above sea level, with a 75Ltr backpack…twice! Does it really look like I need any sympathy?”

Ask him about his wish, he says, “I wish people would do the same and stop being sympathetic towards me.”

(Credits: Humans of Bombay)

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