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Indian Celebrities not going for common names for their new born!

There was a time when Raj,Krishna, Manoj etc were considered as go-to options for naming children, but looks like opting out the commoner is not an option anymore to Indian celebrities, Much like Hollywood where it’s kind of a new practice to name your child something like h no one would’ve had thought earlier. Kimye named their baby ‘North West’, Ashton-Mila Kunis named their first baby girl ‘Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher’ and so on.

Looks like the same trend starts making rounds in India too, Genelia-Ritiesh named their second child ‘Rahyl Ritesh Kapoor’, Dimpy Ganguly named her baby ‘Reanna’, Farah-Shirish baby boy name is Czar, while Madhuri and Dr. Nene named their second child ‘Aarin’. While celebrity baby names are often weird or unique, it is true that they are also very popular. Naming your baby after your favorite celebrity could be a great way of showing off your love for the celeb in question, as well as having a unique name for your baby.

In a Survey by IndianBabyNames.Com, it is revealed that while in rural naming your child inspired from mythological characters are still in practice but parents living in urban now prefer a unique name for their child. They now opt out for uncommon names for the child to distinguish their child to others. There’s a reason why there’s less Manoj, Suresh, Sanjay,Shiv in the school attendance list than earlier.

It’s clear that celebrity baby names are not only charming and unique but most of the times are flashy and funky too.Whatever a celebrity does surely becomes the latest trend, naming their baby being one such trend.

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