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No Fear No Favour

Imagining “Naam hai Bondwa, James Bondwa, *spits the pan masala.”

Pierce Brosnan needs no introduction. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for ages, you know Brosnan was the fifth actor to play James Bond, debuting as the British spy in 1994.

Known for his acting skills, charitable work and environmental activism, Brosnan is much loved in India as he is adored abroad.

But a certain news on Friday morning came as a shocker for his Indian fans.

An advertisement on the front page of a leading daily showed Brosnan endorsing Pan Bahaar with the caption, “Class never goes out of style”. In fact, when one visits the website of the gutka company, a pop-up contest appears. The quiz asks people to recognise who their new brand ambassador is to win prizes. Take a look.


There’s no doubt that the man in the image is Pierce Brosnan. The answer to the quiz was to be disclosed on October 7, and with an entire page dedicated to Pierce Brosnan endorsing Pan Bahar, we certainly got the answer.

Netizens were quick to come up with James Bond jokes. Some social media users expressed their opinion on the dangers of consuming tobacco and condemned Brosnan’s endorsement of the product. Here’s how social media users reacted.
“Pierce Brosnan endorsing the pan nagar masala which is also known for license to kill people, Shocker (sic).”

“Explains the iconic pause. “My name is Bond, *turns sideways, releases brown jet from mouth, looks at adversary* James Bond. #PunBahar (sic).”

Watch the add here:

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