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If your guy has even 12 of these 20 qualities, marry him already

Ever since the convention of marriage came into existence, for every parent, looking for a rightful partner for their daughter remained a primary concern. No kidding, Kings back in time organized ‘Swayamvars’ to choose a rightful prince for their princesses.

Characteristics of a good guy

Let’s look into Hinduism for example, be it Ramayana or Mahabhrata, parents of Sita and Draupadi, were deeply concerned to chose a suitable partner for their daughters; honorary sages were concerned with, following which the Swayamvars were organized, on their instructions.

Concept of Swayamvar

Unlike TV or movie, where a shorter version of Swayamvars were showcased, where all the princes and Kings were asked to battle out each other in games of power and mind. The concept of Swayamvar was much wider.

Sages’ advise on marriage partner

The parameters were set by sages and were later inscribed in Shastras for the knowledge and benefit of the generations to come. Ancient sages devised 20 characteristic parameters, on which a man was evaluated and considered suitable and unsuitable, based on how individuals faired.

What to look out for?

Samudrika Shastra, as we know is a Vedic study of an individual’s aura, face, personality, and whole body. Based on this study’s guidelines, one must look for these 20 ‘lakshanas’ in man before choosing them as their companions for life.


He must possess courage, and shall have endurance. The guy must do anything and everything with the spirit of a lion, even if the deed is great or small.


The man must be highly cautious, about everything in his life and the ones who matter to him the most. He may not be a strategic planner, but should have an eye for loop holes and solution.


A guy who believes in rising early (not precisely to be rising with sun) and motivates other’s to do so, keeping in mind the health benefits, is a man of good intent.


Man, who shows resoluteness or toughness to withstand difficult labor, and isn’t afraid from hard work.


A man, who is believes in and works upon equal and generous distribution and division of food and property among family and friends. He believes in sharing the load and the fruit of hard work.


A guy, who is has keen ear and heart and who is conscious of his partner’s needs and desires and works towards fulfilling them.


A guy, who understands the risk of jeopardizing his relationships, personal and professional. The one who is circumspect, when it comes to the matters of love.


Most men is a misconception that sharing the details of their manhood’s prowess with peers, makes them urban cool. But, a guy who believes in respecting the privacy of his love life, is definitely a keeper.


The man, who possess patience and perseverance in all the business of life.


Who doesn’t believe in storing unnecessary things life and preserves only things, people and memories that are dear to him the most and are necessary.


A man who is down to earth, and doesn’t let his wealth and success, to ruin his sanity, pride, magnificence and ostentation.


Man, who is ambitious and is humble toward others around him.


Man, who feels content and is happy with whatever he has and strives to achieve, but at the same time isn’t disheartened to about things he doesn’t have.


A man, who believes in consuming proper nutrition through his diet and his conscious of his health, and encourages others to do so. He doesn’t need to be a health freak.


He avoids over-sleeping and is always fresh.

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