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If you are sober in a car with a drunken friend, you will be charged too!

Being in a car with a drunk driver is not a safe option anyways, even if you are sober. It could be a risk of your life. But Chennai police has taken this matter too seriously, as risking your life by sitting beside a drunk driver could let you end up being behind the bars. Citizen may not really like this new act imposed by police, but this is definitely an intelligent and safer way of reducing the day-to-day road accidents which happen because of rash and drunk driving.

Close to the heels of the Porsche accident in Chennai last week which killed one auto-driver, a dialogue on drunk driving has begun, again. But the Chennai police have something new to offer, they say that according to the law, the driver as well as the passenger can be booked under the same charges. The passenger could be booked with an extra charge- Section 109 for abetting a crime, according to reports.
The Chennai Traffic Police states that the understanding here is that the passenger is abetting the crime even though he is not directly committing the crime.

In the recent Porsche accident case, both Charan Kumar and Vikash Anand have been charged with culpable homicide, not amounting to murder. Advocate V Kannadasan said that the car was owned by Charan Kumar and he knew that his friend was driving in an inebriated state which could lead to accidents.
Charan Kumar, in his bail plea submitted says that, he “is innocent of the alleged offence and he had not driven the car.”

He also stated, “The car was driven by Vikash Anand and he (Charan) was only the co-passenger.”
In February, there was another case in which both the driver and the passenger were charged for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. In that case, the car had rammed into a two-wheeler.

Lawyers feel that the passengers should not be charged in such cases, they should be sent off with a warning. But warnings have not done any good to our citizens yet and there is no declination in such crimes, right? Let’s see that how effective this new law is going to be now!

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