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If I Don’t Smoke And Booze, My Friends Call me Old Fashioned!

Yeah, we are also sounding like every other organisation that always remind the harmful effects of smoking but there’s no denying that smoking takes years off your life. Researchers at the University of Bristol previously conducted a study into the exact amount of a time each cigarette will steal from you. Based on data held by the Office for National Statistics, the researchers found that the difference in life expectancy of smokers and non-smokers was six and a half years in total.

The group explained their methodology. We calculated that if a man smokes the average number of cigarettes a year (5772) from the median starting age of 17 until his death at the age of 71 he will consume a total of 311,688 cigarettes in his lifetime, wow think about it 1 cigarette cost you 11 rupees so by that means an average Indian person spends around 35-40 lakhs just on smoking alone and people say India is a poor country!
From this data they calculated that each cigarette removes 11 minutes from a man’s life. One cigarette (11 minutes) = Telephone call to friend; read of newspaper; brisk walk; or fairly frantic sexual intercourse (Oh one more thing 11 minutes of intercourse if the best case scenario for smokers).

Pack of 20 cigarettes (3 hours 40 minutes) = Long film (for example, Titanic, Avengers and you can’t watch a full Ashutosh Gowarikar movie) two football matches; one shopping trip; running in London marathon; or tantric sex (again 11 minutes is what you capable of smokers!). Carton of 200 cigarettes (1.5 days) = Visit to friends or family; flying round the world; or romantic night away (Still 11 minutes though!).

The findings were originally published in the British Medical Journal, and can be read for free in the US National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine. A video posted on the Instagram of non-profit group ‘MEDspiration’ shows an experiment into the amount of tar that builds up inside your lungs. In the video, a cigarette is ‘smoked’ by a machine hooked up to a pair of lungs. The lungs creepily inflate, and after 20 cigarettes they are cut open to reveal the grim after-effects of smoking. It has already been viewed over 38,000 in the three weeks since it has been published. Atlast, think about Mukesh who always die before the movie! Smoking Kills.

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