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Home For Artists: A Fight against the odds

Standing on the grand stage of TedX Bhilwara, speaking about her dreams, her passion, her struggles this 20 year old girl has the immense power to inspire the whole youth of our society. With a spark in her eyes, head held up high and that confident smile, Nimisha Verma is having some dreams and aspirations which distinguished her from rest of the world.

At the age of 20 when we all are not even able to set our priorities straight, this girl gave birth to a place which every artist around the world could dream of. Having absolutely nothing except her pride, honour and a passion to make this world a better place for everyone who has a undying love for art, Nimisha Verma is the founder, the nurturer and the soul of this place known as ‘Home For Artists’. While leaving her house and family at a very small age of 19, this girl never would have thought that her aspirations and her ‘Home For Artists’ could grow so beautifully and bring her to this stage of her life. She left her home because her parents did not approve the career she chose for herself.


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“When I left my parent’s house to follow my dreams last year with my brother Sudhanshu, we struggled a lot. For four days we wandered in search of a roof over our head and a stable place to sleep at night. Those four days I can never forget in my entire life. I promised myself I’ll create a place which any artist with hope could call a home. Now, I have a home for all the artists so they aren’t afraid of nowhere to be when they wish to escape and make art” says Nimisha.

Home for Artists is a non-profit organization which is a shelter to all the artists who have left everything to pursue their passion. This place is a heaven for all those who are living with a passion for art. The best part, the doors of this beautiful place is open for everyone around the world. Here the artists live together; they cook for themselves, help each other and focus on their creative progress.

Nimisha says, “We meditate in the morning, then cook, draw, write and sleep together. There are some nights when we don’t sleep at all and keep reading books or discuss some artworks and poetry. Every day we welcome new artists and travelers to stay with us who share their story and experiences”. They even have their own set of rules for the kitchen.

Wash your own dishes. 💁

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They also organize different creative workshops; they create music, love and are very beautifully spreading the word ‘art’ amongst everyone. Nimisha believes that art is courage. And there can’t be a better place than ‘home for artists’ to provide courage to those who have nothing left with them, except their passion for art.

They even have their own weekend café. If you are in Jaipur, do not forget to visit this beautifully cool place.

😆 weekend cafe at #homeforartists #jaipur

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Lets join hands with her in her initiative. Donate whatever stuff you can to this link

“Someday, I’ll create a university where they won’t come for a degree but to live art with similar creative souls and away from this bounded education system. They will learn, teach and stay at the same place surrounded by nature and peaceful environment” This beautiful girl with her dreams indeed has the power to make this world a better place.

now This is for those young angels out there who are inspired by me and my brother for leaving home last year when our parents failed to support us. I know what you are going through. You are 16 ? 17 ? Almost 18 and waiting to escape from your house soon ? Honey, come. Listen to me. I was 19. And my brother 21. I have never been to college and probably never will. Me and my brother loves photography and travelling. We both accept our body as a canvas to portray our feelings. You tell me that your parents aren't supportive when you tell them you wish to learn photography or art and travel. This is painful, I know. But then you tell me that you are planning to leave your house and family too like us. Okay. I am not stopping you. After all I created homes ( @homeforartists ) for beautiful souls like you. Welcome. But before you leave. Let me tell you what all you will face and how strong you need to be. What you think you love to do is it really what you love to do or others attention acceptance make you feel you are good at it ? Stop and think about it. #jaipur #homeforartists

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