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High Profile family suicide: Why? Ex IAS B K Bansal’s family commits suicide in the most tragic way

Suicide is said to be a very cowardly act, by those who have never been in such situation. It definitely takes a lot of pain, grief, pressure, depression to intentionally kill oneself. Recently, a heart shattering incident took place in Delhi, when the whole family of an Ex bureaucrat ended their life.

Former bureaucrat BK Bansal, who was accused of corruption and raided by the CBI, has allegedly committed suicide along with his son. His wife and daughter had hanged themselves in July, two days after he was arrested by the CBI.

The saddest part about the incident was that the family could not handle the pressure of the corruption charges
and pain of separation of their loved one. The whole Bansal family met with this unfortunate end within a time span of just two months.

Mr Bansal was Director General, Corporate Affairs. The CBI had registered a case against him accusing him of accepting Rs. 9 lakh as bribe from a pharma company.
The CBI had searched their apartment and found Rs. 60 lakh cash, 20 property papers and details of 60 bank accounts.

Earlier, B.K Bansal’s wife and daughter committed suicide just after his arrest. Satyabala Bansal, 58, and Neha, 27, were found in separate rooms of their home in east Delhi this morning. They left similar suicide notes in which they wrote that they felt humiliated by a CBI raid at their apartment yesterday.

The official’s 25-year-old son was not at home. Sources say he had been called to the CBI for questioning.
Mr Bansal, a Director General in the Corporate Affairs Ministry, was arrested on Saturday evening. The CBI said it caught him accepting Rs. 9 lakhs in cash from a pharmaceutical company that wanted to buy its way out of an investigation for illicit business practices.

Isn’t it a matter to ponder upon, that the people who committed sins such as rapes are roaming freely but those who have been just accused of corruption are now no more in the world!

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