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No Fear No Favour

Heights of brutality: A Delhi resident chops off puppy legs.

Man’s best friend just met its worst enemy.

A Dwarka resident severed two legs of a puppy with a hacksaw after the stray gave him a minor scratch. And experts say he could potentially get away by paying a fifty-rupee fine, thanks to a decades-old law.

The horrific incident took place on December 2 when the two-month-old canine sneaked into the residence of Pramod, an unemployed man who goes by one name and was often found in an inebriated state by neighbours. Pramod welcomed the puppy and also offered it some food.

In its eagerness, the dog grazed the accused’s leg with a paw.

“Soon after he noticed the scratch on his leg, he became angry and he rushed off to get a blade,” said Gaurav Sharma, an animal rights activist, quoting Pramod’s wife’s statement.

“Then he grabbed the puppy and tied it up before cutting its legs with a blade (a front and a back leg). As he was unable to cut through the bone, he arranged a hacksaw. While he was chopping the legs, Pramod was enjoying the whole process.”

The episode adds to a grim litany of cruelty against animals in India.

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