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Heart Breaking: What Happens When You Leave Your Dog Alone

Most dog owners assume that when they leave the house, their pooch just lies around napping and dreaming about meats and looking out the window at squirrels — you know, just normal dog things. Have you ever think how your pet miss your presence , why your pet get overwhelmed and pour their love to you as you reach home.
This video will melt your heart if you are a pet lover or owner of pet.

YouTube user who goes by the name Mike the Intern decided to investigate this by strapping a GoPro to his Golden doodle to see what he does all day. Unfortunately, the results are really quite upsetting. As soon as Mike leaves, the pooch gets incredibly anxious, staring at the door for a while before moving to the window and then back to the door. He yelps and howls as he paces around the rest of the house.

After watching this video you may never want to leave your pet alone again. Better start queueing up Seaml

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