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No Fear No Favour

Woman delivered baby roadside on her way home. Read more:

The wife of a migrant worker was nine months pregnant when she risked her life and marched 1000kms from Nashik, Maharashtra to the town of Satna in Madhya Pradesh with her husband and four other children. On 5 may, somewhere amid travelling, the lady gave birth to a baby girl following with no proper rest.
The event came into light four days later when a police official, Kavita Kanesh at Bijasan check-point stopped the stumbled troop and was shocked to know that the lady gave birth to the baby on Agra Mumbai national highway. The lady stopped after walking for 70 km, delivered the baby and again walked for 160 km with the infant in her arms.
In her statement, Kanesh said,” she just rested for about one and a half to two hours after she delivered. The family had no money, no means of transport, no one was giving them a lift,’ Later Kanesh also arranged to take the lady to a quarantine facility and provide her with medical aid.
The family decided to leave Nashik because there had no place to live and due to country’s lockdown had no means of earning. But on the way according to the woman’s husband, a sikh family helped them and donated few clothes for the infant.
Since imposition of lockdown, there are thousands of migrant workers who have been moving back to their towns as in the cities they are lacking all means of earning, food and shelter and due to widespread closures of transport facilities, they travel by foot and deal with complications.

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