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What! women’s are allergic to condoms, says ViceIndia

What! women are allergic to condoms: says ViceIndia

Condoms are allergic women says ViceIndia. Read the full story to know more about it :
Condoms are used as contraceptive measures to have a safe sex but according to Komal Baldwa experience this may be allergic to women while having sex.
According to her, she remembers usage of condoms a lot as after having sex she had pain.

“Whenever my husband wouldn’t use any condom while we are planning to have children, everything would be fine,” the 39 year told VICE. “But when we go back to using condoms to avoid pregnancy , the pain and the skin irritation in my nether region would come back.”

Although it has been years since mother of two used many commercially available condom, but she still feels the toxic side effects of regular condom use, including vaginal itching, drying and urinary tract infection.

Like the most women around the world she went to gynaceologists and physicians and they just labelled her pain as hallucinations by telling her that the pain is just in her mind and suggested to use birth control pills or have more babies. Many of the doctors were not comfortable talking about use of condoms.

In response to these angry doctors she came with research of vegan condoms in U.S and Europe “I Plearned that for pleasure of extra five minutes we don’t need to have chemicals inside our body.” In 2019,she came up with India’s first range of vegan condoms for men called Bleau.

Though there is no clear data that how many women are allergic to condoms but just as Baldwa’s experience many women are facing the same issue. But when she talks about this allergy while having sex she was labelled as rotten apple who will spoil the whole society with her talks as she says “Everyone was uncomfortable. I was labelled as rotten apple who will spoil the society but I did not budge.”

Now she had started her own condom company which is made with organic products and less allergic to both men and women while having sex .

She also held many programs about awareness of sex education and talks about such problems while having sex.

She says that people feel uncomfortable on discussion of such problems and it shouldn’t feel that much uncomfortable as our society needs awareness about such problems.

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