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This can’t be an apt way to treat doctors especially on the Doctor’s day

By Purvi Jain

On doctor’s day, when the doctors were being acknowledged as corona warriors across the world, the same day medical interns in Tripura protested.

Around hundred of intern doctors staged a protest for their due to be released for 2 or more months.

The interns declared suspension of services in Tripura’s biggest medical college, Agartala Government Medical College till they receive their monthly stipend.

In front of the office of the medical superintendent, they demanded their unpaid stipend for two months and have pleased them to meet their demand at the earliest.

An agitating intern said, “putting our life at stake we interns of the hospital are giving our best, but despite that, the authorities are not releasing timely stipend for us.”

She further added, “disregarding all the challenges and threats, we are doing 15 to 16 hours of duty every day and what are we getting in lieu of that. In all the states, interns are getting increased stipends and special ex-gratia in view of the prevailing situation. On the other hand, in our state, we are deprived of the deserved stipend. This should be stopped and the authorities should ensure speedy pay-outs of our salaries.”

They further informed that the services will remain suspended till the time their demands are fulfilled.

Another intern said, “see we all are human beings. If we can manage two months without salary in a government hospital, the patients should also manage for a day. If our salaries are released we will join our services straight away.”

The BJP ruled state claimed completely successful control over COVID-19 pandemic but it’s ironic that they forget to pay its own corona warriors, back home.

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