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Ramdev led Patanjali exposed for claimed corona medicine?

On Tuesday, 12 noon, Yoga guru Ramdev-run Patanjali Ayurved launched an Ayurvedic medicine, Coronil, to help treat the novel coronavirus infection on Tuesday at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar, Uttarakhand claiming that the new Ayurvedic medicine developed by the team can cure a COVID-19 patient in five to 14 days showing hundred percent favorable results as the patients who took the medicine which is made from a mixture of Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi recovered within 14 days and then tested negative.

Since the news went down, the advertisements and discussions about it are on the high strands. In fact, social media are loaded with jokes, memes, and puns on the Ramdev Babaji and their Patanjali acclaimed corona medicine ‘Coronil’.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Ayush reacted to the medicine launch asking Patanjali to provide details like the composition of the medicines, the results of its research, the hospitals where the research was conducted, whether the company had a clearance from the Institutional Ethics Committee and whether it had registered for the clinical trials.

While many nations and scientists continue to chase possible vaccines for COVID-19, there is no scientific evidence of any alternative cure for the deadly virus.

As a reaction to the AYUSH-PATANJALI controversy, Ayush Minister Shripad Naik mentioned that “It is a good thing that Baba Ramdev has given a new medicine to the country but as per rules, it has to come to the Ayush Ministry first. They even said that they have sent a report. We’ll look into it and permission will be given after seeing the report,”

The reports have come from the Licence Officer, Uttarakhand Ayurved Department who said, “As per Patanjali’s application, we issued them license. They didn’t mention coronavirus, we only approved license for immunity booster, cough & fever. We’ll issue them a notice asking how they got permission to make the kit (for COVID19).”

The Twitterati and the public are never behind reacting to anything and well, this is about a cure for the move coronavirus developed by an India-based Company Patanjali led by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev.

Here are some mixed reactions of the public to the entire controversy:

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