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If you think you’re alone to loose tracks of days amid lockdown, here’s something for you to know:

If you think it’s only you who don’t know what day it is amid lockdown, the answer is no, you’re not alone in this.
According to a survey conducted, 59% of respondents didn’t even know about the day when the they were polled.
The confusion may be getting demotivating for them as well as 65% of respondents were struggling with the day to stay motivated.
Nearly three-quarters of respondents told they are no more relying on their wardrobe attires, rather are in their comfy clothes like sweats round the clock.
But this increased comfort has also aroused the few problems for the people as they are not ready to attend a video call for their work on an average of thrice a week.
Sixty nine out of total percentage of respondents are having a hard time to stay focused for their work from home.
We usually believe food is the key to immense pleasure in one’s life. The facts also include, for over one in three of those surveyed said food is a motivating tool to them and 69 percent of respondents have already blew through their snack stockpile quicker than their planning.
However, a 65 percent said they aren’t happy with their all day eating habit during self-isolation.
While the time we are spending at home has turned round the clock, our reach for our snacks has also increased. While we do this, you can definitely choose a few go to snacks for yourselves that you really enjoy eating and that also nourish your body.
Following this, sixty-eight percent of respondents mentioned that they are craving for healthier snacks even more than their life before self-isolation.
This is a difficult situation and we are all in this together and trying to adapt as best we can. So, you can definitely rely on your snacks that will make you feel good about these times and normalize you bit in these difficult times.
Top way to stay motivated in self-isolation

  1. Trying to exercise when you can – 50 percent
  2. Maintaining a semblance of your routine – 39 percent
  3. Using snacks as a motivator – 36 percent
  4. Maintaining a to-do list – 34 percent
  5. Having a friend, partner or friend to hold you accountable – 32 percent
  6. Giving yourself small rewards for your accomplishments – 31 percent
  7. Getting dress for work like you usually dress for the office – 22 percent

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