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Transition of Social media: Influencers to Saviors

Byline By- Ritika Bhatia

Just a month before now everything seemed getting back to normal when, people had new hopes, plans, vacations, trips. College students finally thought they were going back to campus, high school students enjoyed the fragrance of the new books once again in the new session, fitness freaks were almost back to gym.

All these moments of happiness got vanished within a very short span of time when India hit the second wave of COVID-19. The transformation from freedom to quarantine was really quick and painful too. India was not prepared neither were the millennial nor elder generation.

The silver lining here is that now during this time of quarantine people are not just posting their recipes and fitness videos neither celebrities their photos of vacations on social media. Social media during the 2020 lockdown showed that how much we could be creative, how could we innovate, but this time it reflected new dimensions.

The dimensions of humanity, sensitivity and belongingness. The netizens understood the depth of the problem surrounding the whole country, they networked to sensitize, help humans in need. People are communicating rapidly with people they don’t even know, influencers are using their reach to fundraise for various causes that has surrounded us during this pandemic.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter these three social media platforms that are widely used by Indians are now flooded with Covid-19 information. Information such as how to cure Covid at home, what precautions to be taken, which vaccine is effective, the recovery journey of Covid survivors that inspire other covid patients to look out to the positive side and have a ray of hope that they will also recover from it soon.

Doctors are coming forward to reach people and are making them realize the seriousness of the situation fastening all of us. The biggest challenge of fake news is being encountered on the social media through pointing out the factors leading to it and giving logical arguments.

If you open instagram now you will realize that most of the people have uploaded story where they must be either asking for help or giving leads to seek help. Don’t you think that the worst pandemic in the history of the world is making us realize our core human values, isn’t the nature bringing us back to the basics? I will leave that thinking to you.

Social media although is appearing to be a gift in these crucial times. You can say that social media has made us everything influencer, savior, help provider, help seeker, information source, student and at last human again!

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