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This doctor transformed his car into a drive around clinic! Read his story

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

One travels for fun; one travels for work and this pandemic this doctor travels with his car which is a bootleg clinic for Covid and as well as non-Covid Patients.

He is Dr. Sunil Hebbi who works in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Covid Centre and has a 12-hour shift there. He helps in taking the patients who are poor and of older age home. He has named his initiative as “Mobile Doctor Clinic”.

He has been helping people in the pandemic by providing free medical care and services to those who show tender symptoms of COVID. His inspiration came out when he realized that the death rates are increasing day by day and how deadly the virus is.

Later, he posted a video on his Facebook page for the same with details like his contact number. He addressed the people on the virus and explained why he is going to help people. He had a great response as the video almost got over 8 lakh views and soon, he started getting requests as well. He offers medical advice on condition of the person and his goal is to help the elderly with mild symptoms.

Along with this, he helps the people who are not able to go out and the people who stay solely. His day consists of listening to the voice notes sent by people and reading their texts and this starts around 8 AM. He believes that he must return on the field by the next day too.

So far, he has treated over 300 patients and majority of them has won the battle of COVID-19! As for now, he is giving out COVID Kits and plans on buying an ambulance soon.

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