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No Fear No Favour

Know the story of this #Uberstar and how he shined as a kind stranger on the internet!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

When the rain is too much and one cannot find an umbrella, a kind stranger will always share their umbrella, this story speaks how strangers can help a human being and has won thousands of hearts on twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Almost five days ago, Journalist Rituparna Chatterjee shared a very heart touching story on her twitter. She spoke about an Uber Driver named Udit Agarwal who was a saviour for driving her to the hospital when the oxygen level of her mother dropped at 80 and was dipping. She only had one cylinder and hence shifting was required. She tried dialling several ambulances one after another but there was not any ambulance which was available, and she does not own a car as well.

Her home is approximately 40 KM away and she was already short of oxygen for her mother which could run out on the way as well. Seeing this, she had no option but to call an Uber. To her unfortunate circumstances, four of them cancelled the rides.

Finally, when Mr. Udit picked up the call, she told him ‘brother if you are going to cancel, tell me at once, because I cannot risk waiting 15-20 minutes and then see you cancelling the trip, so I want to tell you upfront the details, so you have the choice.’ She told him that they have been following all the precautions and are still covid positive.

To her surprise, Mr. Udit told her that he will be there in just 3-4 minutes and upon arriving he helped them carry the oxygen cylinder which was sanitised by Miss Chatterjee and he drove them to the hospital, even turned his meter off. He waited for them and had a quarrel with the security guards to let them in. Along with this, he even helped in carrying her mother. He dropped Miss Chatterjee at her home and argued on being paid too much and countered it by saying that he should not be paid too much for his humanitarian duty. Miss Chatterjee believes that the kindness of strangers is helping us weather this storm.

Seeing the twitter thread, Uber reached out to Miss Chatterjee saying ‘Kindly help us with his details through a Direct Message so that we can celebrate his story and ensure he gets the recognition he rightly deserves. Thank you for sharing this with the good Samaritans of the internet. It truly reinstates our belief in humanity’. Several people have decided to show their appreciation in the form of help and donation. Udit Agarwal is truly a #Uberstar!

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