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Covid-19: One more recovered patient speaks about his journey!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

The fight is still on, we still see so much negative news around us. As we promised that we will try to lighten some hope in our segment ‘Untold Stories of Covid-19 Recovered Patients’. Therefore, to cover our second article, we are covering the story of Aditya Puri residing in Delhi, who is an entrepreneur. He recovered from the virus a while back.

He believes that his experience in recovering can be encapsulated to the word ‘war zone’. He says that one can get recovered easily only when the resources like bed, oxygen cylinders are arranged in a snap and hence it becomes a playground with chances and it would have been more deadly if there wasn’t any oxygen available.

Due to the huge gap in supply-demand of Delhi and in this brutal situation, oxygen generators and concentrators have become saving factor equipment.

With the coming of the virus and the situation getting worse and worse, one has to believe that hope and some optimism is something that keeps the people going. With every single citizen trying to amplify the information, one can get into a mindset of being on the battlefield.

Even though Aditya believes that battling with the covid is like being on the battleground, we the people fighting are the players who can only keep fighting. Stories like Aditya’s gives us the ground reporting of how the situation is rolling out and how the people who are exposed to the virus and recovered can only utter words of wisdom and give hope to one another in this battlefield. This battlefield consists of the nations v/s the virus and we aim to win!

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