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An infant from Odisha defeats Covid-19 in just a span of 10 Days!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

As the pandemic goes on and days passes by, we hear the stories of survival and deaths. While some have been recovering from covid and some are losing their life due to the lack of medical facilities, indulging yourself in faith can be a difficult task. Whether young or old, pandemic has taken everyone in his tornado. But today, we aim to bring a little faith again!

This story is of an infant from Odisha. She is one month old and has been identified as ‘Gudiya’. She became Covid positive a while back. She was shifted from Kalahandi to Jagannath Hospital in Bhubaneswar for medical care. She was on ICU ventilator for 10 days and was given Remdesivir steroids followed by more treatments. She was in the medical care facility for 2 weeks. Sources says that she is one of the youngest to make it. She was treated by Dr. Arjit Mohapatra.

She defeated and recovered from covid in just 10 days! She has high fever and respiratory distress. Her father said that his family had members who showed the symptoms of covid-19. They reached out to a paediatrician who told them to take Gudiya to a hospital in Bhubaneswar.

All India News Radio on twitter posted a video showing the infant and said ‘One month old Gudiya, who got infected by #Covid19 recovers fully after 10 days on ventilator in a hospital in #Bhubaneswar. Nothing short of a miracle, says Dr Arjit Mohapatra who treated her.’ She was discharged on 12 May, Wednesday.

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