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75 Deaths at Goa’s Biggest Covid Hospital Fighting Oxygen Crisis.

Byline By- Balakrishna

75 patients have passed at the Goa Medical College and Hospital – the state’s greatest Covid facility – in the previous four days, as a result of “logistic issues” in the stockpile of clinical oxygen.

Thirteen died on Friday, as per previous Deputy Chief Minister Vijai Sardesai, whose Goa Forward Party was aligned with the ruling BJP before quitting last month over “anti-Goan policies”.

On Thursday, 15 deaths were recorded. The other day – Wednesday – 21 individuals passed on, and on Tuesday 26 individuals lost their lives. Each of the 75 passing, Mr Sardesai told occurred in the “dark hours, which is the time from 1 am to 6 am…”

The resistance has responded unequivocally, with the Goa Forward Party on Friday documenting a police protest against Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, and senior government officials.

The grumbling charges gross and wild demonstrations of carelessness and intentional exclusion of obligation – referring to the interference of oxygen supply – that prompted the deaths of a several Covid patients.

Goa Congress is set to file a criminal case claiming “cold-blooded murder by the Chief Minister and Health Minister”. The party has slammed the “…clear-cut admission by Goa’s BJP government before the High Court of Bombay at Goa that 41 deaths occurred due to shortage of oxygen…”

On Thursday the Goa seat of the High Court was told “logistic issues involved in maneuvering tractors which carry oxygen, and (the) connecting of cylinders to manifold” were to blame.

The bench – hearing petitions on the handling of the pandemic – slammed the state, saying Covid patients could not be allowed to die because of “logistics”.

It has directed clinic and state authorities to record a status report by 7 pm today; this is to include reports for the inventory of oxygen and the accessibility of tanks, concentrators and drivers.

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