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Have Trouble Expressing Feelings? Use ‘Emoji’

Once known as the emoticon, the little symbols that started humbly as little happy or sad faces have exploded from there. Faces, people, occupations, celebrities, vegetables, animals, minerals, cartoons — there may not quite be an emoji for everything yet, but graphic designers the world over are apparently working around the clock to fix that problem.

Let’s be real here, we all started using smiley’s just to look cool than those who don’t even have a Nokia phones, And while emojis are certainly used for various silly purposes, various clinical psychologists have learned that they actually play a vital role in human communication.

As it turns out, people — particularly English speakers — have an extremely hard time detecting tone — particularly sarcasm — when they are reading language, as opposed to hearing it — particularly when they are reading email. Anyone who has ever seen a family Thanksgiving break down over an email where a joke was misread is intimately familiar with this problem. The emoji and the convenient visual clue it offers for the tone of a message have likely saved dozens of relationships between humans. This is probably why emojis are getting their own day of celebration.
And emojis have more that a communication or commerce future – they may also be the next big thing in providing consumer security when logging into mobile banking. The UK technology firm Intelligent Environments has launched an emoji-only passcode system last year, to offer a customizable way to provide an added layer of security that has the benefit of being easy on consumers.

The theory is pretty simple – letters and numbers are subject to brute force attacks – especially since those letter and number combinations are usually pieces of information that are significant to the user. This gives hackers something of a leg up – with reasonable access to a targets social media generator and a random number generator, accounts can be forced open. See, there’s so much left for these yellow faces smileys.
So weather you are using frowny face emoji while reading this article, disgusted face emoji response to a guy on whatsapp who wants you to believe that our national anthem was declared as the best national anthem song by UNESCO it’s not real Raj, or a smiling face with cold sweat emoji when your boss gave you work on Sunday morning, or if you’re on Tinder, we don’t know, and we’re sure whatever emoji you’re about to use is probably a bad idea.
Emoji’s are the new form of communication and they deserve our respect, so let’s celebrate the importance of yellow face icons on World Emoji’s Day.

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