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Happy world beard day: Women find men with beard hotter!

A nice beard can make any man look ten times hotter! Not only a beard enhances your looks but it also had a lot of health benefits. Growing a beard helps retain the water on skin and makes men look young and charming. A man who owns a good beard has exceptionally higher patience level. Ladies take notes!

So, today on International World beard day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the best thing on a man’s face! Here are some of the weirdest facts about beards which are famous all around the world.

-In southern Spain, many townships gather to witness a boxing match between a bearded man and a beardless boy. The bearded man, normally armed with a sharp pike, is typically the victor.
– In the Swedish village of Dönskborg, anyone without a beard is banished from the town and forced to spend twenty-four hours in a nearby forest. Back in the town, the hirsute burn effigies of their clean-chinned loved ones.

– The exact origins of World Beard Day are unknown, but there is some evidence to suggest that Danish Vikings had a special day dedicated to the glorification of beards as far back as 800 AD. The event was not held on a fixed date, and was often celebrated hundreds of times each year. This early incarnation of what would one day become World Beard Day typically involved the ransacking of neighboring towns, villages and countries by large groups of heavily-armed bearded men.

– Throughout the world, bearded communities are encouraged to acknowledge this sacred day by organising and staging their own public or private World Beard Day celebrations. These can consist of anything from a relaxing family lunch to a lavish, tax payer-funded street parade.

– Shaving on World Beard Day is universally considered to be highly disrespectful

Whoa! So men, now don’t wait for your No-shave-November. Start growing your charm!

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